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Ruletest helps you to improve your knowledge of the American football rules. Think of Ruletest as a quiz generator for football rules. Each test based on the difficulty level and game situations you select. The questions are enriched with game videos and diagrams. This creates a fun and engaging learning environment!

Launched in July 2018: Rule Academy! The 11 modules cover about 95% of the football play situations. Great for offseason rules study. Follow the module, pass the rules test and earn your badge :-) Best of all: it comes for free with your membership!

We currently support the college football rules (NCAA) and IFAF rules. Get started now: your American football rules knowledge will improve immediately! Check out how it works.

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Five reasons to join now

  1. The difficulty settings makes Ruletest suitable for beginners and veterans
  2. Select play situations to train areas where you'd like to improve (e.g. 'passing game' or 'free kicks')
  3. Game video clips make for a great learning experience
  4. After you complete a test, you’ll receive a detailed result report (download sample)
  5. Compete for the best score with your friends
Need more reasons to join? Check out our features page

What our members say about Ruletest

Krzysztof Walentynowicz IFAF Official and Coordinator of Polish officials

"The tests are challenging – for myself and others. I like the video questions! Ruletest works intuitive and is easy to navigate."

Martin Mikkelsen Danish IFAF official and Coordinator

"Ruletest is a great idea! Good that users can customize their own rule tests. I like the detailed result reports with explanation of the answers."

Arnold Buys 2005 – 2006: NFL Europe official (Side Judge)
2009 – present: IFAF official

"I'm a Ruletest fan! Studying the college football rules is a lot more fun with the modern technology. The best part is challenging fellow officials to compete for the best score on a rules test (of course only if I win ;-) ) "

Mats Schwieger German football official and 2012 EFAF cup Referee

" Ruletest is amazing and I am sure they will think so beyond the big pond! I love the site and the design. "

How it works

1- Configure your test

We made configuring a test simple

  1. choose the number of questions and difficulty level
  2. decide if the test should include multiple choice, multiple answer or even 'open' questions
  3. select the play situations you'd like to include (e.g. 'scoring' or 'scrimmage kicks'

The Ruletest generator randomly fills the test with questions, based on your configuration.

Ruletest - Configure a test

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2- Perform your test

The variation in questions keeps you engaged

Like a normal quiz, you answer the questions one by one. Some questions are based on small game scenarios, others require you to review game video footage.
Need a break? You can! Simply continue the test later from your personal user panel.

3 - Review your results

Ruletest provides immediate feedback

After you have completed the test, you immediately see your score. Ruletest generates a PDF report (download sample). The report provides detailed feedback on your results. References are made to the rules, using our fellow site Ruletool.

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Optional: Challenge your friends

You can challenge your registered friends to complete the same test you have just finished. Just submit their email addresses and they receive an invitation. If they complete the test, you are informed of their results and if you've won or lost the challenge.

Optional: Grouptests

Test the knowledge of a group of people

Request any group of persons to perform a football rules test. You will receive a detailed overview of their results (download sample). Participants will receive an individual report (download sample). Typical use cases:

  • Test a large group of officials, players or coaches on their rules knowledge.
  • Invite your officiating crew members to perform a short rules test as pre-game preparation.
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